Undegraduate Summer 2022 Paid Position

Author: Alexander Dowling

Did you enjoy CBE 20258 (Numerical and Statistical Analysis)? Are you looking for a paid, flexible, remote position over the summer?

Prof. Dowling seeks to hire an ND undergraduate to help convert the current Python/Jupyter notebooks for CBE 20258 (hosted on Vocareum) into a public website. Here is a working prototype: https://ndcbe.github.io/cbe-xx258/

The new website will allow ND students, alumni, and others to better use the CBE 20258 notebooks as references in future classes, during internships, on the job, and in other endeavors. While Vocareum has many advances during the semester, accessing the notebooks after the semester ends is cumbersome.

This is a great paid opportunity to hone your Python and computing skills, holistically review all of the CBE 20258 content, and help Prof. Dowling keep improving CBE 20258.

Minimum Qualification:

  • Comfortable with Python programming and Jupyter notebooks
  • Organized, enthusiastic, and detailed oriented
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • ND undergraduate student

Desired Qualifications:

  • Completed CBE 20258 and enjoyed it
  • Experience with git or GitHub.com
  • Experience with running Python scripts from the command line


  • Reorganize current notebooks into smaller modules with direction from Prof. Dowling
  • Learn how to use Jupyter Book and GitHub.com with guidance from Prof. Dowling
  • Add extra explanations or modify examples to improve clarity
  • Proofread notebooks and ensure consistent formating

Please email adowling@nd.edu with the subject "CBE 20258 summer position" if you are interested or have questions. All applications received by Monday, April 18 at 5 pm ET will receive full consideration. Applications will be accepted after this deadline until the position is filled.