Kyla Jones and Damian Agi Win Excellent Poster Presentation Awards at the 9th CBE Symposium

Author: Damian Agi

Kyla Jones and Damian Agi won Excellent Poster Presentation awards at the 9th Annual CBE Symposium at Notre Dame, where they presented their works on "Optimization Under Uncertainty with Bayesian Hybrid Models" and "Modeling and Optimization of Pd-based Water-Gas Shift Membrane Reactors for Low-Cost Blue Hydrogen Production". Other poster presentation awardees at the symposium were Osaro Etino from the Colon Lab, Deanna Poirier from the Hicks Group, Connor Schmidt from the Webber Lab, and Daniel Montes Pinzon from the Chang Group. 

The Dowling Lab made other interesting poster presentations at the symposium, including "A Risk-Conscious Optimization Model for Sustainable Aviation Fuel Production in the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry" by Madelynn Watson, "Multiscale Optimization of Integrated Energy Systems that Co-Produce Electricity and Hydrogen Using Market Surrogate Models" by Xinhe Chen, "Science-Based Design of Experiments and Pyomo.DoE" by Hailey Lynch,  and "Opportunities for membranes to  Enhance Critical Mineral Processing" by Molly Dougher.

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