Elvis, Bridgette, and Kanishka share our work at Science Alive!

Author: Alexander Dowling

Science Alive! 2019

Elvis, Bridgette, and Kanishka introduce over 1000 grade school children and their families to our research using Sudoku. Briefly, we invite children and their parents to solve 3x3 and 9x9 easy Sudoku puzzles. We then show how computer algorithms can effectively analyze the rules of Sudoku and solve the puzzle in less than 1 second. Finally, we share - mainly with parents and teenagers - how our lab creates computer algorithms that solve energy puzzles such as how to optimize interconnect energy systems.  Our activity was one of the most popular exhibits this year.

Solving Sudoku with mixed integer optimization: https://www.mathworks.com/help/optim/examples/solve-sudoku-puzzles-via-integer-programming.html

Learn more about Science Alive!: https://sjcpl.lib.in.us/science-alive