Dowling Lab gives 5 talks and 2 posters at AIChE annual meeting.

Author: Alexander Dowling

Group Aiche 2019 Small

Graduate students Alejandro Garciadiego, Elvis Eugene, Xian Gao, Bridgette Befort, and Kanishka Ghosh attend the conference with Prof. Dowling. Below are contributions from our group, organized by day:

Monday, November 11:

9:45 - 10:00 am, 97h - Training All Chemical Engineers in Computing and Data Science, Bayhill 22.

Tuesday, November 12:

3:30 - 5 pm, 372y - Integration of Molecular Simulations and Computer-Aided Molecular Design to Enable Novel Azeotropic Separations. Regency Ballroom R/S.

3:30 - 5pm, 372w - Microkinetic Model Reduction for Ethylene Oligomerization Reactor Optimization and Design. Regency Ballroom R/S. 

Wednesday, November 13: 

5:24 - 5:43 pm, 606h - Mathematical Optimization and Process Intensification of Diafiltration Membrane Systems. Bayhill 24.

Thursday, November 14:

12:30 - 12:48 pm, 694a - Discovery of New Ionic Liquids Via Molecular Simulations for the Separation of Azeotropic Mixtures of High Global Warming Potential Hydrofluorocarbon Refrigerants. Regency Ballroom Q.

4:46 - 5:05 pm, 739e - Mathematical Optimization of Membrane-Free Desalination Systems That Utilize Low-Grade Heat. Bayhill 26.

5:24 - 5:43 pm, 737g - Bayesian Statistical Learning and Stochastic Programming for Energy Market Participation. Bayhill 24.